My Wish List

Here are some things that I'm really missing:

curry powder - sweet, not spicy
beef jerky
summer sausage
coffee creamer
cliff bars
dried fruit
mac and cheese
cheese wrapped in wax
salty snacks (not peanuts) - corn nuts, pretzels, cheese-its, goldfish
chicken packets
fruit leather
yoga magazine, Real Simple, HGTV
sweet and sour sauce

pre-cooked bacon

Do not send any school supplies, please.  I unearthed years' worth of donations in a storage room, and we don't need any more food for the rats!

In all honesty, I'm SUPER grateful for anything you happen to pass my way.  These are just things that I've thought about and gone, "Gee, that would really hit the spot right now."  Please don't spend a lot of money!  Thank you so much!!!


  1. Cara, I'm on this! I'll let you know when I've got something in the mail to you. : )

  2. Me too, I am going to let you know when I get something put in the mail! We are moving! So I am finding plenty of school supply random items and I will make sure you don't get rickets or something like that! Do not touch that giant snail! They have found them to contain rat lung parasites all over the globe! Just sayin!